Pet Loss

Is your child struggling with grief after their pet passed away?

This printable set of Celebration of Life Guided Story Cards was designed from my many years of experience in grief & loss counseling so you can help your child work through the healing process.

If you want to empower your child to work through the pain of loss, this toolkit is for you.

I'm Suzy Ryan of Big Black Dog Studio, and I've drawn pet portraits and memorials for grieving animal lovers since I was a teenager.

We love our pets very much, and when they pass away, there is a large hole in our hearts that hurts.

Processing our grief doesn't come easily, especially for children who feel what they feel but don't yet know how to express it.

I created this set of printable cards so you can help your child to work through telling the wonderful life story of their pet in a way that helps them heal their pain faster, and gives them skills for the future.

Download our printable story card toolkit today!

24 Guided Story Cards + 4 Instruction Cards to help your child create a Celebration of Life Story honoring their beloved pet to help them heal.

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